Publish an umbrella project under AGPL3 and use Phoenix?


I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to publish an umbrella project under AGPL3 and use Phoenix in it?
I am unable to find the email address of Chris and failed to reach him by other means.
Can someone advise me on what I can do or perhaps offer an answer?

Thank you!

What exactly are your concerns regarding Phoenix and using the AGPL3?

Phoenix is licensed under the very permissive MIT/Expat license which explicitly allows sublicensing code as long as the original license notice is retained.

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He’s here, probably wait until the weekday. :slight_smile:

@chrismccord ^

But yeah,MIT works fine with the AGPL as I recall (just not the ‘other’ way).

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@wmnnd I’m not a license expert and didn’t want to do something wrong.
Wanted to clear this question out before starting to publish on Github.

@OvermindDL1 Thanks! I sure hope that’s the case! :slight_smile:

The MIT is free license compatible. So yes you can totally build something under the AGPL that use Phoenix.

Phoenix shipping with AGPL code under MIT could be a problem, but in your case, no particular problem no. see here under Expat license

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