Publishing a package to a local version of hexpm

I’m trying to run a private version of hexpm.

I have the hexpm application running on my local machine however I can’t figure out how to publish packages to it, it keeps trying to publish to and it is hard to find any info on it.

I’ve setup a local repo pointing to my local version of hexpm and it shows up as expected when I run mix hex.repo list, but I can’t get my packages into it.

Any ideas?

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Why do you need a local version of hex? If what you need are private packages, what about using the organizations feature from It’s paid, but it could pay out all the effort, and you also would be helping the community to grow! :wink:

It’s not up to me unfortunately :icon_frown:

I don’t control the purse strings for this project but it definitely is the better option imho.


@kelvinst A local version of Hex would be useful in the face of Hex connectivity issues. We’re unable to currently deploy because of Hex image pull connectivity errors, and a local Hex would allow one to bypass that externality. Private Nexus servers are extraordinarily common in the Java world, and things like private NPM servers exist in JS.

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Yeah, I know, I just asked to know the real reason behind creating a local version of hex. About not being up to you: another option would be to use path dependencies instead of ones, or even using umbrella projects. The other option is what you have tried, but I never done it so I can’t help unfortunately.

@r11na Seems like this is the config you want to override. Unless you already did that.

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Hmm I wonder if this is a bug. Shouldn’t the config repos supersede the default?