Pure Elixir performance monitoring?

Does anyone know of a performance statistics system that exists as a pure Elixir library?

I had a setup that used Elixometer, exometer_core, exometer_report_statsd, statsd, and DataDog, but this turned out to be a complete dependency nightmare (as you can probably guess by the length of that list).

It would be awesome if there is an existing solution for getting custom stat reporting that was written in pure Elixir or at least available as a reliable Hex package. If not, I may dig deeper into how exometer works and try implementing something myself :smile:

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One that I did find is Prometheus (https://github.com/deadtrickster/prometheus.ex), but it doesn’t seem exceedingly popular. Any thoughts on it?

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Prometheus logs to a remote server though, it kind of sounds like he wants something purely elixir instead of just sending off data? Although I’m not sure? ^.^

For performance statistics :observer (and where it gets its info from, easy to get) is awesome. If you want logging it would not be hard to grab the same information that :observer does and log it out somewhere. Or are you wanting to push something to a remote server?

https://prometheus.io/ is monitoring system build by soundcloud.
The question is if you want to host by yourself such system (like Prometheus) of you want monitoring system as service (like DataDog, …)
I don’t know if any monitoring system is written in Elxir/Erlang.

Hey, prometheus.ex author here. Feel free to ask any questions here or on Slack/IRC.


Cool, I think I’m going to try out prometheus for a while on some new services we’re writing. Thanks for the response!

Have you looked into Wombat ? it’s built by Erlang Solutions and looks pretty good.


What about this one?

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