Pure js commands/hooks or Alphine? I am creating a Chakra and shadcn like UI library

Hello, guys. I came from 13 years of working as a UX-UI developer, and 1.5 years ago, I became a Phoenix Elixir super fan. But in my JS journey, I noticed that JSX with React makes the life of the frontend easier, so I am creating a UI library with pure Phoenix functional components, NO LIVE COMPONENTS, that works on an old controller and new live view, the proposal is make something similar to a chakra but with pure phoenix components because not everything is a server event, I think that is cool to let js do js things, live animations, transitions, and UI effect, the reason to ask on this forum is the follow.

I already have almost 15 essential components, but I am entering the advanced level, I would like to know If you prefer use Alpine, or JS commands and JS hooks to extend js functionality.

The library will have a tailwind that is entirely extended. You don’t have to install anything else, it will be similar to shadcn but with Chakra things, it will be a new way to do frontend, but I would like to know what you prefer, please let me know to continue with my project.

It will be free for everyone.

My idea is not to install anything else other than the default installation on Phoenix, for this reason I prefer JS hook and commands over alpine. But I would to listen the community,

  • With JSCommands/Hooks
  • With Alphine.js
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