Push_event from components

What I want to achieve

I am currently building a small frontend displaying a JavaScript based map, with markers for positions of assets. The map itself is a Component.

There are basically just two pages:

  1. An overview page listing all assets
  2. A detail page per asset.

I can update the map using push_event/3, what works well on the details page:
There are two events, add_asset and update_asset.
On mounting the liveview, the asset is added to the map.
When new data comes (in my case in a handle_info), the asset position is updated.

I would like to add a map to the overview page, listing all assets positions.

What I tried to achieve this

As there already is a function to add an assets position to the map, I thought I’d just use that.
The overview page renders a bunch of Components, of which one is the map.
The other components are simply list entries, one per asset. All components are stateless.
I tried to push_event/3 an add_asset event from each components update() callback.

Expected behaviour
I would have expected each asset to be added to the map.

Actual behaviour
Nothing is added.
Each attempt to add an asset should trigger a console.log(), but nothing is logged.

Seems like the events are never actually pushed out to browser.
Does pushing events from within a components update() function not work?
Or maybe, do these occur before the socket connection is established?

When you push_event/3 your are pushing an event to the client to be consumed by hooks. So you would have to have a JS hook that would catch that event to send back to the backend.

Are these 2 pages different live views? (i.e. Listing.Index and Listing.Show)

Are you mounting the live_component in each view?

Can you paste some code so we can maybe see a little whats going on?

Your JS hooks, LiveView(s) and your component would be sufficient