[PyLadies]: Elixir for Pythonistas Meetup in Berlin, Germany: 9th of October!


Before Code Beam lite Berlin https://codesync.global/conferences/code-beam-lite-berlin-2018/ there will be, in the PyLadies meetup, a talk called “Elixir for Pythonistas” organized by a friend of mine and I.
This will be a talk with also an hands-on introduction to the Elixir language from a Pythonista point of view
If there will be time left we would like to introduce some OTP concepts, we’ll see how it will work!

If you are interested, check out the PyLadies meetup https://www.meetup.com/PyLadies-Berlin/events/254438294/

And, if you are super-interested, please retweet :wink: https://twitter.com/PyLadiesBer/status/1039184006976294917

There will be also a raffle to win a ticket for Code Beam lite Berlin!

Hope to see you!