Q: Generate static html on the fly with phoenix

I got a client that wants a read only customer experience, coupled with low admin changes website (low as in maaaaybe a coupe of changes a day).

Customer loading speed, on the other hand, is a quite an appreciated asset.

I was thinking, what if I create a phoenix project that generates new static htmls every time the database is modified. Sounds simple enough and loading speeds can’t get any better than that.

My question is then: Do you know any books, blog posts, projects or packages that would help me get a head start doing something like this?



I experimented with doing something similar but for email templates some time ago. I think what you are describing would be what I called runtime_compiled in that experiment.

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Haven‘t used it but maybe Still - A composable static site builder

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I recommend NimblePublisher
See also this blog post.


I will just use plain phoenix but add appropriate cache controls so the cache (either in a reverse proxy or in the browser) can catch most requests.

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