QML - Qt Modeling Language (split thread)

You can still use QML thanks to Elixirscript and Qt Quick Compiler, which creates native machine code :slightly_smiling_face:

ReactNative also provides you this method, while without the native compilation and without WYSIWYG editor, as the Qt Quick Designer.
(QML let you deploy the whole thing also on desktops) :wink:

I guess native means native code and native looking controls?
Then, there is a method :smile:

What does ReactNative compiles to? Machine code? I’m just curious, never explored it before, and assumed ReactNative means Electron under the hood which is a no no for me.

it compiles to native code :slight_smile: It’s not electron for mobile.

Reactive Native = Java Script VM running business logic + native component. So it is some kind of hybrid but much faster than Electron. There are some default UI components. If you need something more you will need to create them in native code for Android/IOS

But there is new kind made by Google which is full native/ cross paltform and the it name is https://flutter.io/

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Thanks for explanation. Also I don’t know why I thought React Native is not only mobile, I thought windows, macos and linux too, silly me :smiley: I guess there is no really efficient cross platform solution for now yet.

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I think there are some attempts to write react native desktop apps …

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As stated, there is QML. While this is going off-topic again, so we can open up a new topic, if you want :slight_smile: