Qnotix - Pub/Sub event notification system

I’m proudly open sourcing Qnotix, our Pub/Sub system for event notification developed 100% in Elixir without any framework, using just Plug.Cowboy and GenServer.

It has been in development and active testing for almost one year; currently in production (slightly modified) to a small security & surveillance company in Italy, since March.

Since I am dealing with many other professional projects now and on mid-term, I cannot continue to actively maintain, improve or grow Qnotix in a sustainable manner; that’s why I’m seeking for support from the Elixir community here.

Please see the Qnotix documentation for more details and don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested to involve/contribute.



Hey @quda! Is there anywhere that compares it to other pubsub implementations in the Elixir community like Phoenix PubSub? Such a comparison I think would help people better understand the goals of the project and the trade offs it offers.


Qnotix’s design is completely independent (original!) from any other Pub/Sub implementations.
If interested to compare to others then feel free to install it, test analyze/understand the code.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have time/resources to write a proper documentation for the entire API, that’s one of the reasons I was appealing to the Community…
Nevertheless, one can find some partial documentation here.