Query ES with Httpoison

when i use the DevTools in ElasticSearch, to get logs from a POD :

it’s gives me about 310 lines:

but when i did that inside of my elixir application:

logs = HTTPoison.get("https://x.x.x.x:9200/lo*/_search?q=kubernetes.pod_name:logs-dep-test-7469c67667-fcrzh", hackney: [:insecure, basic_auth: {"xxxx", "xxxxx"}])

it’s gives me inacomplet response ( just maybe 150lines )
can anyone gives me some ideas please !


How did you check logs value? If you did IO.inspect and observed output in terminal, note that IO.inspect truncates output.



i solved that problem by 2 things:

  • first: i was in need to use a way called async requests and get all the informations by chunks
  • second: in elixir and with the inspect method you can pass an option called “infinity” when you deal wtih large information to display