Query on how the incoming message to the channel is processed

If there are say like 3 messages coming into the same channel at the same time, will the message be processed in the a sequential manner? Like after first message is processed the second is taken and so forth? Or will they be processed simultaneously?

When I checked it seemed like the messages were processed sequentially, so I assume that only 1 process/thread will be handling the messages coming in from a particular channel. Is this correct?

Your guesses are 100% correct, but let’s make sure you’re clear on what a channel is, because people tend to confuse channels and topics.

A channel manages a single client’s subscription to a topic they have joined. If you have 10 clients all connected to the “room:1” topic that is 10 channels. Each channel is a process, so that’s 10 channel processes. Like all processes they handle messages sequentially. However since each client has their own channel processes, messages are processed concurrently “across the system” so to speak, ensuring that you avoid bottlenecks on topics.