Question about scaffolding

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I am trying to make a simple crud application with phoenix only, and I found this guide:
first we would generate a scheme for example: mix phx.gen.schema Team teams name
and then generate the views: mix phx.gen.html Web Team teams name
would it be possible to then generate users similarly with a field that holds a reference to a team that they could be in?
mix phx.gen.schema User users name team ?
or how do we define relations between the table here?
Also would it be possible that when we create a user we would see all of the team that they could be added to?

Thank you

The docs for phx.gen.schema has an example with relationships:

The generator also supports references, which we will properly associate the
given column to the primary key column of the referenced table:

mix phx.gen.schema Blog.Post blog_posts title user_id:references:users

Edit: Sorry, looks like that generator doesn’t include the ecto relationships, only foreign key references.

The Ecto Association Guide covers adding associations.

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Thanks dude

Hey, I got the association set up, according to the guide, and i generated the views too, but how could I make it so that when I create a user I could choose from the existing teams to add them to? To have a reference?