Question about VSCode and spellchecker (when editing Elixir code)

Hi there,

I am trying to use (and learn) the Visual Studio Code IDE for editing Elixir code. Because English is not my first language, I’d like to enable the IDE’s own spellchecker, to verify my comments, module docs, the README and so on.

Given my lack of experience with this IDE, when I enable the spellchecker, every Elixir reserved word is marked as a typo and I get … funny suggestions, most of the time. Plus the noise added by the false suggestions, making my editor space a very cheap post-modernist paint :slight_smile: Given the above, I have to disable the spellchecker throughout the coding session and only enable it when I want to check my spelling :confused:

Is there a method, in VSCode, I could use for ignoring Elixir reserved words, when editing Elixir sources?

Thank you!

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If you’re using this spell checker it has a config option for that

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If you want to get atom a try then atom has ‘embeddable language namespaces’, so, say, in comments I have the spellchecker in atom source, in an html.eex file I have html, but inside <%%> I have elixir (which can then be further refined into others). It keeps everything properly separated.


@ChaseGilliam - I’m using the one made by Street Side, the “Spell checker for source code” :frowning: Probably I have to read more, b/c there are no obvious methods (afaik) to do what I want. I installed that one b/c they have an insane amounts of downloads …

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@OvermindDL1 - I switched to Code b/c this is what my new team is using, and trying to adapt. Atom; never tried … probably I should?!

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