RabbitMQ Cluster setup - Trouble with DNS peer discovery

I am having trouble setting up a RabbitMQ cluster on Fly and thought someone here might have stumbled on this. So far, im able to deploy two nodes but for some reason(dns) I am not able to connect the nodes to each other using DNS. I have setup IPv6 mode on rabbit, have the necessary ports open, setup the erlang cookie, and can ping the other nodes ip address.

In the cluster formation dns setup I have my internal app’s hostname as the dns hostname eg. my-app.internal which is able to resolve the two nodes IPv6 addresses. The problem now is that Rabbit needs to make a reverse DNS lookup to recreate hostnames from the ip addresses and Im assuming its failing there?

If anyone has setup a RabbitMQ cluster with DNS discovery, especially with Fly.io, I’d be super grateful to get some insights here as I’m totally way in over my head with dns :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope someone helps you on the forum, but have you tried asking Fly support? Seems that you are a paying customer with such setup, so asking support would make sense to me.

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I’m trying that now, just thought someone might have setup Rabbit over dns here before and thought to give it a shot