Rabbitmq does not receive messages

Hello everybody,
I have an issue concerning rabbitmq, I have just followed entirely this tutorial, Iam using rabbitmq management on ubuntu system, the problem is that messages never reach rabbitmq endpoint, when I check via browser interface in localhost:15672 I can see that everything is good, the connections and channels are all there, but concerning queues there is any message there.
I have checked my code I didn’t any mistake, I have used the default exchange as mentionned in the tutorial so I just can’t debug this issue and maybe I have missed something.
Thank you in advance

It would help if you mention what version of a RabbitMQ library you are using, and to show some code.

Of course @dimitarvp ,
I have a docker instance of rabbitmq management

sudo docker run --rm -it --hostname abdelghani -p 15672:15672 -p 5672:5672 rabbitmq:3-management

The elixir code looks like

{:amqp, "~> 3.3"}
def subscribe(queue) do
    {:ok, _connection, channel} = start_connection()
    :ok = declare_queue(channel, queue)
    :ok = consume(channel, queue)

  def publish(queue, payload) do
      :ok, connection, channel} = start_connection()
      :ok = declare_queue(channel, queue)
      :ok = produce(channel, queue, payload)
      :ok = close_connection(connection)

def start_connection() do
    {:ok, connection} = AMQP.Connection.open()
    {:ok, channel} = AMQP.Channel.open(connection)
    {:ok, connection, channel}

  def declare_queue(channel, queue) do
    AMQP.Queue.declare(channel, queue)

  def consume(channel, queue) do
    AMQP.Basic.consume(channel, queue, nil, no_ack: true)

  def produce(channel, queue, payload) do
    AMQP.Basic.publish(channel, "", queue, payload)

  def close_connection(connection) do
:ok = Rabbitmq.subscribe("index")
payload = ....
:ok = Rabbitmq.publish("index", payload)

I can check in web interface that each call for subscribe or publish results in process connection to Rabbitmq server and a new channel created, but the queues are empty and there is no coming data.

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I don’t know anything about this, but have you tried the exact code from the documentation, as it looks like you’ve missed a couple of steps: AMQP — amqp v3.3.0

Also, you always return :ok from your e.g. produce function instead of the result from the library module call, so you never know if it errors, despite matching it!

@ellispritchard thank you for your suggestions, I have shared a link to the source tutorial which I followed maybe you can take a look, I think it was official doc too from RabittMQ Foundation, also the returned :ok is for ensuring successful of the call and in case of failure there will be an exception error and the process will exit…
I noticed that the issue is in passing message from elixir program to localhost rabbitmq, because if I have to send it manually to the exchange from rabbit UI then it will be broadcasted, I just wonder what is happening, I had never get this before

Finally, I found the bug, the payload was not a string, I just wonder why AMQP didn’t generate an exception and everything went in silence