I am a beginner in elixir and have been given the task to create an api gateway in elixir . I learnt the basics of elixir and found a framework for creating api gateways in elixir called rackla but I cannot find any support related to that framework . can anyone suggest me some places to refer to so that i get started cause i don’t know where to start from ?

You may want to more specific about the api gateway that you want to create. In any case, I would question the wisdom of basing your project on a framework that shows no signs of recent activity.


It seems to have had no updates in the past two years, though it’s still possible this is a sign of maturity and stability rather than of abandonment or deprecation.

Perhaps open an issue asking the maintainer for their insight: https://github.com/AntonFagerberg/rackla/issues

If it is still supported they could add a note to the project README detailing the project status and support options.

There’s also Maru that is worth mentioning when it comes to API frameworks written in Elixir. Seems to be actively maintained.

But, given you are new to Elixir, I would consider Phoenix as there’s far more resources on it than anything else out there. When you get stuck, help will be far more within your reach.

It’s the first time I hear about Rackla, thus I can’t comment on its viability.