Raspberry Pi CM3 compute module light

I have an existing Raspberry Pi 3 - compute module lite digital display and would like to try to use it to build my first Nerves project.

Does anyone know if Nerves is compatible with the device above?


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hi, welcome to the elixir forum,
please take a look here (nerves documentation on HexDocs.pm)

if there is a special display driver needed, you have to include it into the step of the image, I haven’t done this yet

Hi…We have an item that utilizes a Compute Module 3 Lite and SDCard, and we might want to have the choice to utilize a CM3+ as a drop in substitution. Which means the CM3+ will boot from the outside SDCard. Is this conceivable?

Hello, we are running on CM3+ with eMMC. This was easy with the right hardware. See Flashing a Raspberry Pi Compute Module on macOS with usbboot | Jeff Geerling