RBAC For phoenix API on Microsoft Azure

So I have made an API using phoenix framework. But I have to make Role Based Access Control on Microsft Azure for my API calls example: read access, update access or create access. I am not able to find any blog or resource regarding that if anyone has any idea how to proceed? That would be very helpful.

Also, I don’t want to make a new context in the app for the user and make a database for user and access role.
I want to try Azure RBAC.

PS: Tried Microsoft Azure Documentation but they are not very helpful.

Thanks in Advance.

Are you planning to use Azure ActiveDirectory with OpenIDConnect?

You might find the C# ASP.net sample helpful: https://github.com/Azure-Samples/active-directory-aspnetcore-webapp-openidconnect-v2/blob/master/5-WebApp-AuthZ/5-1-Roles/README.md

There is a hex package to work with Azure AD openidconnect: https://github.com/whossname/azure_ad_openid/