React Native + Phoenix (website using Liveview) - documentation/sample code

I am new to Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView. I built my website using Phoenix liveview and planning to build a mobile app using React Native.

Is there documentation/sample code which i can use to see:

  • what libraries i need to install on react native end to make it work with Phoenix backend
  • how i can send the requests to and receive response from Phoenix backend

I found some examples but 4-5 years old. Not sure if those examples are still applicable with advancement of Phoenix & Phoenix liveview (GitHub - njwest/React-Native-Elixir-Phoenix-JWT: An Elixir on Phoenix 1.4 JSON Web Token Auth API with a React Native Client).


There are two parts here:

  • BE side you can use Guardian for authentication and API for example.
  • FE side you can use fetch or axios to communicate with BE
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