React or Phoenix liveview. Frontend usecase.

Hi all,
I am new to Phoenix with small frontend experience. I have a usecase where I am curious to know how you would approach the following:

Use Case : Need to render data in table where rows can be sorted again column in acs and des. order of values. Sorting happens for the current rendered rows.
Since the sorting is straightforward, should it be handled by liveview handle_event or directly handle on frontend using component like material-ui react table . I am using react for frontend. Would there be any advantage of liveview over react in such case ?

Most of the power of live view comes from keeping state on the server and rendering markup there. Rendering a table is an extremely common use case. I would only even contemplate dealing with react if I had to build a front end for a backend I dont control.


Not that I can tell.

My limited understanding of the advantage of liveview is that you don’t have to implement an API and your full stack devs can focus on one programming language. If you are dealing with basic data entry/crud UIs for an early startup or small company with limited resources this can provide a boost in productivity.