Realtime mouse move events?

i’m currently trying to develop a realtime collaboration tool for students where they can exchange ideas on a large virtual surface, similar to miro or figma. to force the interaction and keep it alive, i wanted to make everyone’s mouse cursors and other actions visible. liveview with its sockets is perfect for this, but i can’t find any suitable events to process realtime mouse events with liveview/elixir - are they hidden somehow?
or do i have to use some javascript tricks?

I know someone has made a demo of this, can’t remember if it was from the official creators or someone else… but there were a bunch of cursors in tandem in the demo / blog post.

Suggest you look around!

Iirc they had a global level hook that pushed up mouse positions on an interval attached to the top level DOM.

Here, Phoenix LiveView Cursors – Koen van Gilst I had it lying around in one of my many open tabs :rofl:

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thanks a lot!

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