Recomendations about "well-written" Elixir Repositories

I’m learning Elixir and I think I’ve finally reached a point where I feel proficient writing scripts. So now I would like to learn how to build an entire project.

Since functional programming does not fit very well with best coding practices from others paradigms is hard to find resources about how to structure a project.

I’ve heard a good way to improve on this is to read someone else projects.

So, I’m looking for recommendations about Elixir repositories that you think its code is well written.

Also, if you have another recommendation/resources on this I would love to hear it.



Elixir itself is very well written. You can read its source code, especially the library functions that you are already familiar with.


I’d recommend diving into Phoenix. It gives you a well structured application out of the box.

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To add to the previous comments, here is some source code I used often when I was learning Elixir (2 years now. :smiley: ) and some more recent additions.