Recommendations for Phoenix/Ecto app metrics platform (alternative to AppSignal)

We’ve been using AppSignal for a while but we’re now looking for an alternative. I’m getting an impression that rolling something custom is getting easier now with Telemetry, but I’m looking for a (mostly) plug and play solution that captures exceptions and gathers performance data. We can allocate time to roll out something on our own but I would leave that as the last option.

I know of a few services myself, but I’m curious to find out what are people’s recommendations?

We are using NewRelic and DataDog at work.

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I have been using Sentry and Honeybadger with varying amounts of success. They are okay, not amazing but get the error reporting job done. Not sure they even can report performance metrics.

NewRelic seems to be the norm for many. It’s very feature-rich.

If you’re on Heroku their management tools are quite nice.

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If it’s not private, could you please share what’s the reason why you’re looking for an alternative to AppSignal?

I will simply say that we’re not happy with the quality of the product and particularly with their customer support; that said, the service is very cheap (probably the cheapest). If you need more details, send me a private message and I can share my personal experience.


I usually end up hosting my own instances of Prometheus and Grafana and then use along with all the relevant collectors for out of the box Phoenix+Ecto metrics. I then also add my own metrics when appropriate to keep track of business metrics and what not.


Can you two (with @EskiMag) include me in the conversation? I’m evaluating options like Svilen does, for several personal projects.

This is worthy of a blog post with a step-by-step tutorial. Consider doing it in the future! :024:


I’ll have to add that to my blog topic list :). I covered error monitoring with Sentry in my latest post if that is of interest

@dimitarvp I took your feedback and posted Part 1 of my 2 part series on monitoring with Prometheus+Grafana:

Part 2 should be out in a couple weeks.

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@svilen if you’re still looking, and open to trying something new … I’d love it if you check out Logflare. I’ve been using our Logger backend for a while now, which powers the dashboard I use to manage our infrastructure.

From a logging perspective, we’re pretty much on par with the typical solutions out there. From the metrics side, you just log structured data and create dashboards from that.

I’d love to give you a rundown. If you’re interested, perhaps you guys can play a role in shaping the future of the product. I’m working closely with engaged early adopters.

Currently handling about a billion events a week…

Appreciate it!