Recommended elixir by example resources?

Besides Basic types - The Elixir programming language are there any other well recommended “elixir by example” style resources / books ?

There’s which has < 10 short examples.

There’s but there seems to be high overlap with the getting started guide.

I’m looking for material that is a bit more advanced, but still of the “here are lots of full examples” style rather than the “let me write paragraphs of text motivating what we are going to do” style.


How about José’s Advent of Code live coding?

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Exercism Elixir track - if you do not want to solve them by yourself, look at existing solutions, also: GitHub - elixirkoans/elixir-koans: Elixir learning exercises.


I have found Rosetta Code useful several times.


Etudes for Elixir, it’s an open source book. You can read the chapters for free here:

how do you find solutions for Exercism, I can’t unlock?

does this help?

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Yes thank you