Recommended Plugins for VSCode LiveView

Hey guys, I am trying out LiveView. I am really impressed with the results. But, when using it it is being hard to find a good plugin for syntax highlighting, do you have one? I tried the most popular ones.

~L sigil not highlighted. (I removed the default CSS framework and using bootstrap. I did copy the bootstrap code from the Live Dashboard, why not use bootstrap by default? I almost give up, just because the bootstrap modal was not working. :smiley: )

Try using the ElixirLS vscode plugin.

I think nowadays it’s the defacto plugin for Elixir projects.

It should provide syntax highlighting and some intellisense.

If that doesn’t work out, as an alternative, you could separate the html into a .leex file and have the render function call MyApp.ExampleView.render("mypage.html"). The leex file ought to be highlighted.


Thanks a lot for sharing the ElixirLS extension. So, in my case it was conflicting with the default visual studio code’s elixir extension. But, it seems neither vscode, neither emacs, or Intellij has support for highlighting ~L sigil yet. Thanks the help @dbern!