Redirect User According to user_role

Hey guys, working with phoenix 1.2 and i have a user model with user_role field which specifies if a user is an admin or sales or accounts. The Sign Up, Sign In and Sign Out flow works perfectly well but i wanted to implement a concept where a user is redirected to a specific dashboard after signing up and signing in i.e if a user is Admin then is redirected to Admin Dashboard and if is accounts is redirected to Accounts Dashboard. Am using Guardian for Authentication/Authorization

Anyone with an idea how i can implement this? Thanks in Advance

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I’m not familiar with Guardian, but this is how I would do it if I controlled the whole login flow.

Add a redirect_after_authentication function:

def redirect_after_authentication(conn) do
  path =
    case conn.assigns.current_user.user_role do
      "admin" ->
         admin_dashboard_path(conn, :index)
      "accounts" ->
         accounts_dashboard_path(conn, :index)
      "sales" ->
        accounts_dashboard_path(conn, :index)

  redirect(conn, to: path)

You can put that function in a shared module, wherever it makes sense for your application. Then, in your SessionController, where you log in users, you’d do this:

# import `redirect_after_authentication/1` from wherever you put it

def create(conn, params) do
  # Authentication logic, checking email/password etc

Thanks @danielberkompas.

I did pipe the above function to my SessionController :create function which is the sign in function as follows

def create(conn, %{“session” => %{“email” => email, “password” => password}}) do
case verify_credentials(email, password) do
{:ok, user} ->
|> put_flash(:info, “Successfully signed in”)
|> Guardian.Plug.sign_in(user)
|> redirect_after_authentication()
#|> redirect(to: admin_path(conn, :task))
{:error, _reason} ->
|> put_flash(:error, “Invalid email address or password”)
|> render(“new.html”)

and it produces this error message in the browser function nil.user_role/0 is undefined or private

Somewhere in your flow You should have

assign(socket, :user, user)

like just after

|> Guardian.Plug.sign_in(user)

and be sure to have a userole attribute in your schema.

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yeah I do have user_role field in my schema

The error message is somehow clear…


It does not find the user in


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