Refactoring in (neo)vim

Hi all,

is anyone using some plugin to do refactorings in neovim?

I’ve found this one, but it seems it doesn’t support Elixir:

Thank you

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I don’t find extractions to be a major pain-point in Vim so I have no good suggestions there. For renaming (or using an existing module as a template for a new one) I get a ton of mileage out of abolish.vim, especially when used in conjunction with your favourite quickfix-populating grep tool and :cdo.

EDIT: I actually do have some code I was working on for extractions that was based off a plugin tpope demo’d called Extract that he never released. I don’t find myself using it, though (and is not complete). tpope actually gave me the source for extract.vim over discord a while ago but it got lost on an old work computer without my ever trying it so ya, I really don’t feel too much pain, lol. But it was nice as it basically takes whatever you cut and pastes it along with whatever you replaced it with as a variable or function yet you have full control over where it gets pasted. In other words, there was a mapping like ]ev that would paste <whatever you last inserted> = <whatever you last deleted> (]ev meaning something like “paste down/extract/variable”)

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Thank you,

I think I’ll give Abolish a spin.