Registering Registries via another Registery

Sorry if this question has a trivial answer somewhere, but search terms like my title and “Chaining Registries Elixir” turned up nothing. Is it possible to assign a registry a name via another registry, or failing that, do registry operations using a registry’s PID rather than its name? From the source, it appears that Registry can only take an atom as a name, implying not. However, it seems a trivial enough feature that it means I’m probably missing something fundamental.

Basically, I have an application which I may want to have multiple instantiations of running simultaneously, so all the component long-running processes are registered under a registry. One component of this application has a bunch of children that it need to kept track of, so I figured I’d simply add a registry of them. However, that registry becomes a problem because in order for it to not conflict with equivalent components in other instances of the application, it wants to be registered in the application’s registry, but it can’t be.