Release fails missing module asn1ct

I am trying to build a release with distillery (Including appups) and I am getting some errors. This is not the first release of this software I have built, It is the 5th or 6th at this point and normally I am able to just build the release, upload and run the appup scripts and all is good.

I am getting this error, it is telling me that my appup file is invalid for a number of applications and then fails saying the asn1ct module is missing. Which is strange as the asn1 application is present and contains that module.

==> syntax_tools has an appup file, but it is invalid for this release,
    Backing up appfile with .bak extension and generating new one..
==> Generated .appup for syntax_tools 2.3 -> 2.3.1
==> Release failed with multiple errors:
    No such module: asn1ct