Release handler crashed during hot reload


I’m currently facing some issue with hot upgrade using Distillery.

After generating the release as upgrade MIX_ENV=prod mix distillery.release --upgrade
I triggered the upgrade on the running release /opt/app/bin/my_app upgrade

I got this error from the release handler

release_handler:install_release(Vsn="0.12.0" Opts=[{update_paths,true}]) failed, Reason={'EXIT',  {timeout, {sys,get_status,[<0.2609.0>]}}}

And the whole VM crashed.

Did you already face this kind of issue ?
How I can know which process it’s ?
Am I missing something in the relup ?

Thanks by advance

If you have access to crash dump, you might find that process there:

Also, is there any other info in the error message, like a stacktrace?

No, unfortunately. I saw a similar post on Erlang pipermail but without solution.
I will try to look at the crash dump.

In fact, there was no crash dump, but the entire application’s supervision tree restarted after this error

I found out this error: release_handler: cannot find top supervisor for application :bunt.
This seems related to this (Error during upgrade: cannot find top supervisor for application <x>? · Issue #183 · bitwalker/exrm · GitHub)