Release stop command isn't killing the epmd service

Hi all!

I’ve built my project using MIX_ENV=prod mix release and using the following command I start up my application:

nohup rel/ram_disk_daemon/bin/ram_disk_daemon start > "$OUT_FILE" 2>&1 &

This works fine, but when I go to stop it using the command below it stops my Elixir app, but it does not kill the epmd service.

rel/ram_disk_daemon/bin/ram_disk_daemon stop

Doing a ps -ef shows the erlang service still running.
rel/ram_disk_daemon/erts-13.1.1/bin/epmd -daemon

Is this a known bug, or is there something else I’m supposed to do (something else other than manually killing the process)?

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Forgot to add that this service is running on CentOS 7.

Erlang/Elixir does not kill epmd after running. If that’s a must for you, then you could have your own scripts to start the project and that shuts down epmd afterwards. If you are not using epmd or distribution, you can also set the release to not use distribution and then epmd won’t even start.


I’m not using distribution for this project so I’ll fix how I’m creating my release. I am using it for another though, so I’ll have to write those scripts. Thanks for the reply.