Remote Backend Developer - Full Time - Remote from Europe

Introductory paragraph
We are Contractbook, we digitalise the legal industry.

Contractbook provides efficient contract management for modern businesses.
We are a SaaS product allowing to create, sign and store contracts in one safe place.

We are looking for a new team member with medium amount of experience building web applications using Elixir.

About us

  • We work remotely and as async as we can. We understand, though, that in crucial cases, there is nothing better than a video call to get everybody on the same page quickly.
  • We value the benefits that come from flexible working hours and environments. Everyone is free to choose where and when they work.
  • We’re rational about the technologies we use. We pick the most popular and up-to-date, but also those with large and helpful communities.
  • We simplify our work processes as much as we can, i.e. we don’t have daily stand-ups. We believe tools and notifications give all team members the status needed.
  • We choose the tools we use according to the needs of each task. We avoid over-complication.
  • We have as flat organization structure as possible. Everyone self-organizes their work and is responsible for it.
  • We share our knowledge, we discuss what we learn, we attend conferences, meetups and give speeches on some of them.
  • We support one-another but expect from each-other to perform like we would in a sports team.
  • We organise team gatherings and they sometimes look like this :slight_smile:

My name: Jarek Owczarek
My position: CPO
Company name: Contractbook

About the job

Job title: Backend Developer
Salary range: 15 - 35€
Position on remote work: Fully remote position
Qualifications or experience required:

  • Elixir is our programming language of choice on the backend**
  • Contractbook is basically an HTTP API (Phoenix, PostgreSQL on the backend) plus an SPA written in JavaScript with React/Redux.
  • We use RabbitMQ as our internal event bus
  • We rely on a number of external services such as Mixpanel, Segment, Stripe, Criipto, and others.
  • Our development workflows are powered by GitHub, CircleCI, Quip, Trello, Slack, your code editor of choice.
  • We deploy to Heroku and Kubernetes (GKE) using Distillery and Docker.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:
Delivering new and adjusting and maintaining new features using Elixir.

Good to know but not required

  • JavaScript (React.js)
  • Docker
  • Python

About the interview process

The interview process starts with a call to get to know each other, share our experiences and align expectations. Round two is a technical call with our Lead Software Engineer where we further align expectations and share our experiences. It is followed by a use case study on a chosen subject. The talk is done over a channel in our Slack.

Further info

We’d love to see your LinkedIn profile and Github account, but a CV is also cool!


hi @jarek, I’m starting my career in elixir, although I’ve experience with functional languages (mostly clojure and scala) and I’ve finished reading the books programing elixir 1.6 and elixir in action, right now I’m reading the phoenix book and starting some personal projects using phoenix, would be possible that in a few time I’d contact you, maybe I can do some test or quiz and could have a possibility as midlevel developer???

also I’d like to say my spoken english is not so good, I can understand perfectly what the others say, because I learned english listening programming conferences and talks, but for me it’s a bit difficult speak correcty…

thank you

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Hey Carlos,

I’m afraid your english communication skills are essential for us.

Good luck in the future,

Are you still looking for applicants?

I’m interested in applying.

We have filled the position but would love to see your application as we might have another open position very soon.

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@jarek How quickly are you guys organizing a connection/get-to-know inteview, and a technical test after?

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As fast as possible :slight_smile:

We just filled the position thou. If you are interested in being informed when we open the recruitment process again, please send me an email and we will be in touch.

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