Remote_console error when logger lib call timex

Hi all! in our comapny we ve done a wrapper to the elixir logger to send all the logs in a unified way to the elastic search node.
The library is an internal library that format the logs coming from elixir logger and format dates with timex.
We are experiencing issue with the remote_console of distillery using log.

iex(mario@6f495545debb)6> :gen_event handler {PrimaExLogger, :json} installed in Logger terminating
** (exit) an exception was raised:
    ** (ArgumentError) argument error
        (stdlib 3.13.2) :ets.lookup(:tzdata_current_release, :release_version)
        (tzdata 1.0.4) lib/tzdata/release_reader.ex:74: Tzdata.ReleaseReader.current_release_from_table/0
        (tzdata 1.0.4) lib/tzdata/release_reader.ex:17: Tzdata.ReleaseReader.simple_lookup/1
        (tzdata 1.0.4) lib/tzdata/release_reader.ex:9: Tzdata.ReleaseReader.zone_and_link_list/0
        (tzdata 1.0.4) lib/tzdata.ex:61: Tzdata.zone_exists?/1
        (timex 3.6.2) lib/timezone/timezone.ex:173: Timex.Timezone.name_of/1
        (timex 3.6.2) lib/datetime/helpers.ex:59: Timex.DateTime.Helpers.construct/4
        (prima_ex_logger 0.2.1) lib/prima_ex_logger.ex:163: PrimaExLogger.timestamp_to_iso/1


Causes a raise in the logging lib (prima_ex_logger 0.2.1) lib/prima_ex_logger.ex:163: PrimaExLogger.timestamp_to_iso/1.
But doing the single command on iex everythinig works fine:

[release_version: "2020d"]

and the call do the lib do this:

iex(mario@6f495545debb)9> |> Timex.to_datetime() |> Timex.Timezone.convert("Etc/UTC") |> Timex.format!("{ISO:Extended}")

elixir version: 1.11.2
erlang version: otp23

This error happen only in the remote_console.

Any idea of what could be the problem?

Probably application is not started. Try to run
{:ok, _} = Application.ensure_all_started(:timex)