Remote Contract Building a Prescription Drug Cost Transparency Tool with Elixir and Phoenix

At Avhana Health we build clinical decision support tools and related products. We’re currently working on a Phoenix app that delivers drug cost information to physicians at the point of care so that they can select the most affordable option for their patients. Development is underway and we need some part time contracting help to finish the project. If you take the contract and enjoy working with us there will be more contracts in the future.

My name is Chase, and I’m the Director of Engineering at Avhana Health. If you’re interested send me an e-mail at

I know this is kind of off-topic, but are you guys doing anything with FHIR? I’m trying to figure out if real companies are using it in some capacity.

Not a problem. We’re using an extended version of it on a different project. The one listed uses a CCDA from a previous HL7 standard. We’ll probably use FHIR on this once some client sites sign on and a certain EHR opens up it’s new api in production.

Do you have specific questions about it?