Remote freelance Ex engineer wanted to help resourcing gap

Hey everyone, due to a confluence of circumstance we’ve found ourselves a bit short-handed at Stitched ( and are looking to bring on a freelance Elixir engineer to help us out.

We’re a startup based in the UK, but with an increasingly remote team (like everyone else, I guess). We sell high-quality, made-to-measure curtains and blinds to our customers. Our system is a mix of Elixir and Ruby, with Elixir powering most of our front-end, and specifically making heavy use of Phoenix LiveView.

We have had a couple of people leave mid-feature and are looking to bring someone on to help us get this across the line. If this is of interest to you, and the idea of picking someone else’s WIP doesn’t terrify you, then please HMU on chris at stitched dot co dot uk.

Thank you!

My name: Chris Bull
My position: CTO
Company name: Stitched
Country: UK

About the job

Job title: Freelance Software Engineer
Job description: See above
Position on remote work: Fine

About the interview process
Happy to go from a few chats and good work examples and see how we get on.


Please provide a contact email or form. I did not find the relevant job in the website careers page.

please re-read the post & be prepared to answer why you did miss it first :wink:

chris at stitched dot co dot uk