Remove channel.on() event listener


On the Phoenix Channels JavaScript client side, is there a way to remove an event listener aka channel.on("new_message", msg => do_something) ? Something like channel.unsubscribe("new_message").


I believe it’s"new_message")


Indeed I found this in the source code:

on(event, callback){ this.bindings.push({event, callback}) }
off(event){ this.bindings = this.bindings.filter( bind => bind.event !== event ) }

which looks good.

------------ EDIT -------------------
and that in the official js client source code

key: "on",
  value: function on(event, callback) {
    this.bindings.push({ event: event, callback: callback });
}, {
key: "off",
  value: function off(event) {
    this.bindings = this.bindings.filter(function (bind) {
      return bind.event !== event;