Remove Nerves Lego EV3 Support?



Over the past couple years we’ve had a few cool projects using Nerves on the Lego EV3. Justin and I have kept the EV3 support going even though neither one of us actively uses it anymore. Lately, it seems like no one is using it. It also needs some TLC. I’d love it if someone wanted to take over the task of keeping it synchronized to ev3dev and improve the docs. I’m certainly not going anywhere, and I’d be quite happy to bring someone up to speed on ev3dev and the Nerves support. I just don’t have time to be the primary maintainer any longer.


Update: we’re in the process of removing EV3 support due to lack of interest. By removing, this is really just not updating it and removing references to it from the official docs. I appreciate the comments people have privately made to me on the official systems. While removing support for a platform is sad, it also opens up time for other parts of the project.


Hi, so sad to hear about this decision. I noticed this project a few days ago.

About this project, I have a little advice, could you update the README for the last time? To add some detail tutorials or some detail docs for the beginner :smiley: , to help some people who really want to continue the project.

thanks, :slight_smile:

Btw, I have a plan to learn Erlang, Elixir, Phoenix or Nerves in the next few months (or years, I hope so). :stuck_out_tongue: