Renaissance of HTML over the wire and Live View opportunity

The Basecamp Hey launch is raising discussions about how products with outstanding quality can be built without relying on a distributed approach regarding javascript. This approach it’s being called “HTML over the wire”.

Seems to me that Phoenix LiveView leverages the same idea. Do you think that it can be a really good opportunity to show off Phoenix and Elixir as a modern option?

Some interesting blogposts about the subject:


I am currently trying this approach with a PHP app but I need optimistic UI update as some server calls take time (calling external APIs from PHP).

So I need to update the HTML with server side rendered chunks but also from “fake” chunks directly from JS. Not great because duplication of templates, splitted logic, etc.

In elixir/liveview there’s not yet a great way to have optimistic UI via js, but the server can send an update to the client when the action was received and later when the action was done send another update.

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Yep I know, I was more talking about the server side rendering of chunks. It is useful when you want to render big chunks of HTML for a blog for instance, but that is not what I would use for the UI in general.