Render animated SVG with Scenic

I’m going to build a small raspberry pi weather and bus dashboard thing with scenic and Nerves. I’m currently looking at some weather icons and wonder if Scenic supports rendering of animated svgs such as animated-climacons/cloudDrizzleAlt.svg at master · noahblon/animated-climacons · GitHub

Does anyone know?

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It should support 2D animation but not 3D or 3D drawing.

This was my conclusion after reading this from the official github page


  • Browser: Scenic is not a web browser. It is aimed at a fixed screen devices and certain types of windowed apps. It knows nothing about HTML.
  • 3D: Scenic is a 2D UI framework. It uses techniques from game development (such as transform matrices), but it does not support 3D drawing at this time.
  • Immediate Mode: In graphics speak, Scenic is a retained mode system. If you need immediate mode, then Scenic isn’t for you. If you don’t know what retained and immediate modes are, then you are probably just fine. For reference: HTML is a retained mode model.

So I think that your svg’s should render correctly.

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Scenic does not include an SVG renderer so you’re best bet would be to convert the animated SVG to a series of images and then display those.

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Thank you for clarifying this dilemma, I thought that it should provide support for SVG(2D) but I seem’s that it doesn’t, good to know

So @axelson, you are suggesting to @Linuus to convert the SVGS to gifs?

Hm I see. Perhaps I’ll just start with static images then :slight_smile:


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