for simple deployment

I’ve been looking for a simple way to deploy my apps for quite some time now – I like coding but don’t want to manage servers, complex container orchestration, certificates, etc.

I just found Render, a really nice platform which takes all that hassle from you and makes deployment dead simple. It looks like they’re quite new and just left an invite-only phase, also their docs don’t cover everything yet, but they support Elixir and it works perfectly well.

The only thing I don’t like is that it’s not possible yet to select the hosting region - everything is being hosted in the U.S. Other regions will follow I guess, as well as disk and object storage.

As it hasn’t been shared on the forums yet, I just thought I’d do it :slight_smile:

Here’s the guide for Phoenix deployments:


Thanks for sharing @zimt28!

Everyone: I’m the founder/CEO of Render. We’re just getting started and would love to get feedback on how we can make Render better for Elixir users. More geo regions are certainly on the way!


Since Render seems to be more general purpose (lots of languages), interested to hear how it compares to Gigalixir (Elixir-focused) for Phoenix apps

cc: @jesse


Hey @jamilabreu, I’ve been meaning to give render a try, but haven’t yet so I’m not sure I can really compare and contrast at the moment. I’ve chatted with @anuragg in the past, though, and it sounds like they’re doing some really cool stuff!

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Gigalixir is a better choice if you want EPMD clustering support. We’re working on making this possible on Render. I’ll post here when it’s ready!


FYI: Render now supports Elixir 1.9 and clustering. We’re going to update our guides for mix releases shortly and I’ll post here when we do.


Deploying Phoenix with Mix Releases is now available!

Up next: clustering with Mix releases.


Update: our Elixir clustering guide is now available.


Nice! Checking it out now :slight_smile: btw - does Render support hot upgrades?

@anuragg, any news on other regions? I’m primarily interested in hosting in the UK. Thanks.

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Check this:
The whole is very useful.


Thanks @EskiMag. is the best place to stay up to date on what’s cooking. If you upvote a feature we’ll automatically notify you when it changes status.

@jamilabreu Render does not support hot upgrades right now. Are you using them in production?

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