Rendering HTML in Livebook

I have a bunch of Phoenix Components.
May be possible to render them in a Livebook?

That would be absolutely brillant as a living documentation tool a-la Storybook.


Would love to see a proof of concept of this! I think it’s definitely possible using a Smart Cell (Kino.SmartCell — Kino v0.6.1) but it may be possible using even simpler Kino features. The somewhat tricky thing may be injecting your app’s styles into the livebook.


Yeah, rendering was pretty easy with Kino.JS — Kino v0.6.2

For styling, I am loading the CSS directly form the app static url, using importCSS

If you have a minimal proof-of-concept or snippet you could post, that would be great for other people looking to try the same thing!

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Can’t really share the code because it’s not open, but I could indeed set up a POC in the next few of days.