Repo facade complexity

I currently have an umbrella with 3 apps.

  • Data.Repo - project-wide Repo
  • Context.Data - Repo facade with operations specific to Context. Contains schemas.
  • Context - Contextually specific business logic. Provides an interface that will eventually be used by a GraphQL app, REST app, etc.

My question is how complex should I allow the facade to get? Should I keep it basic and just provide CRUD-ish type operations? Do validations belong within the facade?

I’m curious to hear what others are doing.

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if the application only requires CRUD, and little dynamic querying then you can encapsulate most of Ecto behind your facade.

As soon as you need dynamic query building, or complex multi-step transactions I find it better to embrace Ecto Query/Changeset/Multi within your Context module. Leaving the facade to just defining the schemas.