Rescue/Catch without try block

Forgive me for my ignorance, while perusing a few elixir/phoenix codes, I came across portions where rescue and catch were being used without a corresponding try block. Is this a syntactic sugar which implicitly have a try block?, does the community frown upon using it as I’ve read a few elixir books but never encountered the construct. IMHO it looks cleaner to me. Thank you.

 def testing_rescue do
        raise "You need to be rescue"
        _ -> "I've been rescued by elixirforum"

Those clauses act on the whole function body and basically remove one level of nesting if the whole body should be subject to the recovery:

I wouldn’t say it’s frowned upon, but simply not used often (like try) and people usually prefer other means of error handling.


Thanks for the swift reply, very much appreciated.

Clean code is great :slight_smile: use it!!

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I like this syntax, but I cant get it work inside anonymous functions.

Is it supposed to work ?

Don’t think so, since it’s part of def macro

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