Resend - A library for the email service for developers

Hey Elixir community!

I’ve been using as my company’s transactional email service since the beginning, or about 6 months. I’d never been happy with transactional email providers until Resend, they’ve built a great product for developers as emails deliver almost instantly, the service is dead simple to use, and their API is small and straightforward. They also happen to be the creators of React Email.

I build and maintain the Elixir library for Resend, and so wanted to share it here:

And you can view the docs here:

It covers their full API (as of now), includes a Livebook for easy experimentation, and a Swoosh adapter for drop-in support in Phoenix applications.

This config is all it takes to make Resend your app’s email service:

config :my_app, MyApp.Mailer, adapter: Resend.Swoosh.Adapter, api_key: "re_123456789"

Though if you’re sending emails directly, that’s easy to do too:

# Replace with your API key
client = Resend.client(api_key: "re_123456789")

# Replace `:to` and `:from` with valid emails
Resend.Emails.send(client, %{
  to: "",
  from: "",
  subject: "Hello!",
  text: "👋🏻"

Hopefully this is helpful to anyone that wants a simple email service that can be set up in just a few minutes. Thanks!