Resize image with Mogrify

Hi guys,

I am working on an image where I want to resize my logo on that image.
It’s the code that I have written so far. The logo on the frame is very large. I want to resize my logo.

Anyone can help me out? How I can do that?

System.cmd(“convert”, ["#{path<>"/"<>frame_name}","#{logo}","-gravity",“northeast”,"-geometry","+26+26","-composite","#{logo_path<>"/"<>frame_name}"])

Hello and welcome,

There are plenty of ways to resize an image… Like keeping ratio, or not.

Here are some params that work for me.

{:convert, "-resize 256x144^ -gravity center -extent 256x144 -format png", :png}

The syntax is for waffle, but You can guess what I am using.

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yeah, I got it. Thanks for your time. @kokolegorille

I tried to do this but instead of just changing the logo on the frame, it is resizing the entire image.

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Oh, I did not get your requirements right… my command is just resizing the original image.

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yeah, I am using -composite for this purpose only.