Resources for someone new to elixir?

I’m a seasoned python programmer (id like to think), whose found themselves working with python daily for…practically a year now. I kind of want to try some new languages and branch out a bit from my current projects. Ive been doing a lot of async programming the past year and elixir has really interested me.

Is there any sort of “Elixir for python programmers” Or some resources i can use to help me get started? Maybe some example projects?r

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I had some basic python knowledge before learning elixir, so maybe I could help you …

I think I went straight * for the official tutorial at It’s short but still covers many aspects of the language. After all, elixir is not a big language (well, compared to python).

After you are done with the official tutorial, you can take a look at a wide and ever growing assortment of high quality books at, although I’d recommend shifting your focus from elixir to erlang for a moment and reading through It would help you better understand some allegedly difficult parts in elixir/erlang’s concurrency model and get some appreciation (or not) for why elixir exists.

At this point you would have enough erlang and elixir knowledge to easily read through both elixir docs at and erlang docs at (as well as guides, is particularly good).

That would be a good start, in my opinion.


Or maybe not so straight, I now remember learning ruby first … Don’t know why. It’s definitely not a prerequisite for learning elixir.