Resources to learn about databases, data modeling and how to choose the right one

Hey, friends!


Please, help me doing a mental dump with all resources you know about the topic’s title. :pray:
Many thanks!

Recently, I have been dedicating a lot of time on the server side with Elixir. It has been a great adventure so far! I’m really pleasured with the language and the mental model Erlang brought to us.

Disclaimer: I know the question is “off-topic”, but I don’t know other places to ask. If you know, tell me as well! All my professional experience is as a JavaScript Developer but I decided to focus more and dive on the server side with Elixir.

One thing I’m facing real difficulties is how to separate the signal/noise in the database land. I mean, how to find good resources and how to find resources that will give me the capability to decide which approach is the most indicated to implement my applications in the scenario I have (in the data/persistence context).

I really, really like the minimalistic mindset, and I want to keep the systems I’m developing as minimal as possible, and one great thing I saw in the combo Elixir/Erlang is the capability “to do a lot with little”, including several solutions in the data layer.

So what I really want is: please, help me suggesting good resources that will give me the ability to answer the following questions, all in the data context:

  • What is the best approach for that application?
  • What is the minimal (good enough) approach?
  • How to model data/database in the X database?
  • What are the limitations to be aware of following the chosen approach?
  • How to manage Z database?

I think you got the idea. I can’t remember more questions right now, but I want to develop I real expertise in that matter since it’s a subject I’m really interested.

So please, do a mental dump here with all resources you have/know about this topic, it’ll be a huge help for me and for others that probably are facing/will face the same challenge.

Many thanks! :smile: