Retrieving full URL for LiveView on subdomain

Hi all,

I have an application with subdomains, and I need to construct the full URL for a liveview component (the full link needs to be e-mailed to a user)

For regular controllers, I used something like the following:

url = conn
    |> Phoenix.Controller.put_router_url("")
    |> Routes.my_controller_url_url(:edit, &1)

What would be the best way to do something similar for a socket? I can’t seem to find any pointers in the docs.

Any suggestions would be really helpful, thanks!

Usually for all things routing related you can simply use your MyAppWeb.Endpoint module anywhere that a conn would be supplied.

@benwilson512 Thanks for your reply, this does not render the subdomain for me unfortunately.

The following code only renders the host defined in the endpoint, not the current subdomain.

url = Routes.my_controler_url(MyApPWeb.Endpoint, :edit, "param")

I suspect I need to work with the socket to get the current subdomain, but I’m not sure how.

Try something like:

url =
  |> Routes.my_controller_url(:edit, "param")
  |> then(&URI.merge(socket.host_uri, &1))
  |> URI.to_string()

That should give you the current URL.

You can pass a URI as arguments to your routes too. So you can keep a @url assign in your LiveView, with the subdomain, and pass it in instead of @socket.


I work on phoenix websites using multiples domains.
I made a gist to show how we handle multiples domains.

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I like it how everyone adds a piece to the puzzle! :slight_smile:

The final one-liner I settled on:

url = Routes.my_controller_url(socket.host_uri, :edit, "param")

Thanks @moogle19, @josevalim, @MRdotB!