Retryable_ex: simple code retrying without metaprogramming

Here’s why I made my another retrying lib:

  • Simple (modeled after Ruby’s retryable gem)
  • No metaprogramming
  • Importing does not clutter your namespace
  • User specified default configuration
  • User specified named configurations
  • Fully documented
  • Complete test suite


That’s a huge feature! :slight_smile:

I also liked the “named configurations”.

Sometime ago I was looking for a package like this, but all the packages I’ve found were or “too magic” or “too javascripty”.

Thanks for the package, will definitely use it when I get to a retry logic again.


This does look pretty good. Thanks for this.

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This is interesting. Nice job.

I needed the same thing. And being pretty new to Elixir, I decided to implement it before searching for a solution.

I came up with this:

One thing I didn’t think about was handling exceptions.

EDIT: I handle exceptions now.

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