Returning :ok vs :noreply

In the following code, a value is updated if :noreply is returned, however - value is not updated when :ok is returned. Why is this?

  @impl true
  def handle_event("increase", _, socket) do

### this doesn't update value
    {:ok, update(socket, :value, &(&1 + 1))} 

### this DOES update value
    {:noreply, update(socket, :value, &(&1 + 1))} 


Because the Genserver has no receiving function that matches the return with {:ok, something).

It does have one that matches {:noreply, -} and will update the state within that function.

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I’m pretty sure if you return {:ok, it does more than not update the value, it crashes the whole process!


So much to learn. It’s crazy. Thank you!

There certainly is! Hopefully you enjoy learning. The type specs will guide you.


  event :: binary(),
  socket :: Phoenix.LiveView.Socket.t()
) ::
  {:noreply, Phoenix.LiveView.Socket.t()}
  | {:reply, map(), Phoenix.LiveView.Socket.t()}
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Thank you very much.